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Your most frequently asked questions

All the answers to the questions you ask us most often.

The rates

What is included in the price?

The rental of the Domaine in its entirety includes bedding (from Friday 5 p.m. to Monday 10 a.m. for a weekend wedding or from Tuesday 2 p.m. to Thursday 5 p.m. for a weekday wedding). It also includes:

  • access to our base of 100 carefully selected service providers

  • the list of churches and contacts of priests

  • a manager present during the reception on D-Day

  • the list of nearby accommodation and churches (200 beds)

  • the provision of household linen (beds for 56 people made on arrival, 1 bath towel and 1 hand towel per person)

  • end of stay cleaning 

Is the price the same all year round?

No, the rental price varies according to the season and the days of the week: weekdays, weekends, public holidays…

Is there a corkage fee?

No there is no corkage fee at Domaine de Valbonne

How do we book?

The signing of a contract and the payment of the first deposit (approximately ⅓ of the rent) confirm the reservation definitively; the balance is then paid in 2 instalments.

Should a deposit be provided?

Yes: 5,000 euros + 500 euros

Is the deposit cashed?

No it is not cashed. After checking the exteriors and interiors of the property, if nothing is missing or has been damaged, the checks will be returned to you.

Dinner and dance party

Do you have a dance hall?

Yes, the barn which has been restored, air-conditioned and soundproofed

Is there a late night time?

There's no late night time as long as it's in the barn

Is it possible to dance outside?

Yes, but only until 10 p.m., respecting a reasonable and controlled sound volume; then you have to move into the barn

Is the barn equipped with sound and lighting?

No, this equipment is installed by your DJ or orchestra, or rented by you from service providers that we can advise you on.

On-site entertainment

Can we plan a fireworks display or firecrackers?

No, fireworks and firecrackers are strictly prohibited for safety reasons related to fire risks (Natura 2000 protected area)

Can you throw a luminous lantern?

Unfortunately not, for the same reasons

Can we bring in a band in the afternoon? The evening ?

Yes, during the day this is possible.  In the evening as well, but from 10 p.m. it will have to occur only in the barn.

The organization of the weekend

Do you take a commission on the providers who intervene?

No, none (see above for a more detailed answer).

For the restoration, do you take care of the cleaning, waste disposal and restoration? Do we have to pay extra for this service?

Cleaning is included after your departure. However, you must leave the premises in an acceptable and respectful state (tidy interior, including furniture and crockery, outdoor equipment put back in place, waste evacuated, etc.). If you do not wish to carry out this reinstatement, costs will be deducted from your deposit.

Will an owner/person in charge of the premises be present throughout the evening?

The owner does not live on the premises so that you really feel “at home”. The owner or a manager representing him ensures the smooth running of your event throughout it (from the beginning of the afternoon until the early morning).

What is the role of the manager?

The manager is both the technical manager of the site and the contact person for your service providers.

He arrives on site at the same time as the caterer, he puts the exteriors of the property back in place, he ensures that the swimming pool is secure (by the barrier or by the presence of a lifeguard), he evacuates the vehicles who would have parked in the property,  he helps the DJ, the caterer, the decorator to move furniture if necessary. As soon as the dance evening begins, he opens and closes the door after each passage of your guests (entrance and exit) of the barn. He is the last to leave in the early morning.

What are the solutions in case of bad weather?

It is possible to accommodate 90 people seated inside in the barn, 170 people in the courtyard covered by a nomad canvas (included) or 200 people under a nomad tent of 300m² next to the barn (not included). The vaulted cellars can also accommodate about 120 people seated.

Are places reserved for the caterer, the DJ?

According to the functioning of each, spaces are reserved for them.

Will we have exclusivity of the property or can other events take place at the same time?

If you privatize the entire Domain, no other event can take place at the same time as yours.

What are the cancellation conditions?

In the event of cancellation by the Tenant, a refund of 0 to 25% of the amount already paid is provided depending on the date on which this cancellation occurs.

It is recommended that the Tenant take out cancellation insurance with his insurance company or any other organization.

What happens if a new pandemic, lockdown or border closure prevents the wedding from taking place?

It is difficult to predict the consequences of a new health crisis.

For the time being, we imagine that an ordinance like the one voted by the Government on March 25, 2020 would certainly replace our conditions of sale.

This allowed the contracts to be postponed to a later date (same year or the following year), or the cancellation of the contract with reimbursement of the installments paid within 18 months.

How is it for the breakfasts?

You rent the Domain in free management, so you have no staff at your disposal.

Just like the cleaning service during your stay, which can be booked with the authorized service provider, you can also call in a housekeeper to take charge of the preparation and management of Saturday breakfasts (or any other service provider adequate restoration). Or, you manage the breakfasts yourself, since several kitchens (including a professional one) are at your disposal and we will give you the contacts of the nearest bakery which delivers to your home for free.

Approximately how long does it take to check in? From experience, around what time can we receive our guests?

Check-in is scheduled for 5 p.m.; count 1 hour between the tour of the property and the signing of the entry formalities documents; you can invite your guests from 6 p.m.

Can we arrive before the scheduled time?

Contractually we always keep 5 p.m. because we can receive events that end the day before or the morning of your arrival. If this is not the case and the check-in can be brought forward, we will offer you this option a few days before.

Can our decoration service provider (or ourselves) arrive before 5 p.m. to start installing?

Provided that the place has not been rented the day before, and after our written agreement, you can access the exteriors and the barn at the beginning of the afternoon, in very small groups (max 4 people) and without children. The maintenance of the green spaces intervening as close as possible to your date of event, it will be necessary to make sure that this one has already been carried out before starting to install furniture or decorations on the green spaces.

Is it possible to rent the domain only for two nights and 3 days, from Friday to Sunday? In this case there would be the price is it reduced?

In high season, the package cannot be reduced. On the other hand, at the beginning or end of the season, we can adapt it to your needs, on a case-by-case basis. The price is then also adapted

Equipment available

Is the swimming pool secure?

An approved security system is installed around the pool. The withdrawal of this one implies the presence of a lifeguard, we will give you the coordinates. Its delivery is supported by you.

Is the swimming pool heated?

Yes the pool is heated

Do you have baby equipment?

3 folding beds, 3 high chairs, baby bath, changing mat.

How many beds do you have on site?

The Estate has 56 beds divided into 20 double rooms and 5 sofa beds

What furniture is available?

The gîtes and the Mas are equipped with several spaces including a professional kitchen with plenty of crockery and interior furniture. The terraces have tables and chairs. And the exteriors benefit from pleasant and comfortable furniture (a list is available). Deckchairs and relaxation lounge complete the pool area.

Are the reception furniture and decorative elements included with the booking of the venue?

A set of equipment is provided to help you arrange the spaces (barrels, tables, chairs). To complete the existing elements, we can offer you privileged partners for rental.

Are the rooms air conditioned?

The dance hall is air-conditioned as well as the suite for the newlyweds and all the buildings in large stones keep a nice freshness.

What is the capacity of the place?

The property can accommodate up to 200 people for a seated dinner (more contact us)


Can you recommend nearby accommodation?

We have listed all the accommodations (hotel, B&B, lodge, campsite) within 15 km. The list is given to you when you sign the contract.

Are there churches nearby and do they accept couples who do not live nearby?

Yes, we have also listed the list of churches that can accommodate couples getting married at the Domaine. Contact us for more informations.

How far away is the nearest SNCF/TGV station? The airport?

Marseille airport is 1.5 hours away, Avignon TGV stations 1 hour away, Orange TGV station 25 minutes away and Bollène 8 minutes away.

Can vehicles be parked on site?

Yes, along a private road marked for this purpose (150 vehicles)

During your stay

What equipment is available outside?

Two large barbecues exist near the petanque area. Pétanque balls are left on the ground. A ping pong table, a giant chess game and a football table are at your disposal. The relaxation areas are equipped with benches, a pedestal table and a few chairs. The pool area has beach beds, deckchairs, lounge sofas, chairs and coffee tables. Each cottage has a table and chairs on their terrace, as well as the main house equipped with a 4m50 table. The courtyard is lit by a guinguette garland. As well as the petanque area and the wooden terrace of the swimming pool.

What are the facilities of the cottages and rooms?

The lodgings are equipped with crockery for the number of occupants, as well as a refrigerator. Coffee machines, kettles, crockery for a hundred people are available in the professional kitchen. Iron and ironing board are also available in the pantry. The beds and sofa beds are made, 2 towels per person provided. Hairdryer and soap in each bathroom. First stock of toilet paper in place in each WC.

What shops are nearby?

A list of local shops (bakery, butcher, greengrocer, supermarket, wine merchant, etc.) is available in each gîte.

Need a last minute boost?

You need someone to support you before your arrival (shopping for breakfast or dinner at the welcome party, for example), for a little housekeeping (preparing breakfasts or tidying up the kitchen, living room , refresh bathrooms, bedrooms, common rooms) or for last-minute help? We will recommend the person best suited to your needs.

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