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A Magical Wedding in the Heart of Provence: Le Domaine de Valbonne

Yseult and Maxime transformed their wedding dream into a magical reality, in the enchanting setting of Domaine de Valbonne, nestled in the heart of Provence. Under the azure sky, surrounded by majestic olive trees and undulating lavender fields, the newlyweds celebrated their love in a warm and authentic atmosphere.

The Timeless Charm of Domaine de Valbonne

Located in the heart of splendid Occitan Provence, Domaine de Valbonne provided the ideal setting for an intimate and elegant wedding. Yseult and Maxime chose this place imbued with Provençal charm for its peaceful atmosphere, its old stones steeped in history, its majestic olive trees, and its lavender fields which created a perfect backdrop for their special day.

A Wedding Experience Just Like At Home

The Domaine de Valbonne was much more than just a reception venue; it was the very heart of their experience. Privatized for three days, the estate allowed guests to feel at home, surrounded by the generous nature of Provence. From romantic evenings under the stars next to the fountain, in a “village square” atmosphere, to relaxing moments by the pool during the “pool party”, the estate offered a variety of authentic ambiances.

A Decoration in Harmony with Provence

The decoration, carefully orchestrated, was a true celebration of Provence. Shades of olive green, beige and cappuccino merged with wooden elements, wicker baskets, candles, plant soliflores and sprigs of lavender, creating a Provençal atmosphere in every corner of the estate.

Eternal Memories under the Olive Trees

The magnificent photos of Laurène and the Wolf captured the moving moments of Yseult and Maxime, whether during the entry into the church to the captivating sound of General Deer or during the passionate dance under the olive trees. Every corner of the Domaine de Valbonne has witnessed moments of happiness and complicity.

The Essential Addresses, the Signature of the Domaine

- Location: Domaine de Valbonne - A Provençal oasis

- Caterer: Maison Nans - Flavors of Provence in every bite

- Photographer: Laurène and the Wolf - Memories frozen in time

- Flowers, Decoration, Announcements and Stationery: Les Demoiselles de Madame - A Provençal touch in every detail

- Organization and Coordination: Les Demoiselles de Madame - The magic behind each moment

Congratulations to Yseult and Maxime for creating such an exceptional and authentic day at Domaine de Valbonne, where love blossomed among the olive trees and lavender of Provence!

A big thank you to Madame C’s Blog for sharing this extraordinary story. Find out more details on their blog


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Eine magische Hochzeit im Herzen der Provence: Le Domaine de Valbonne

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