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The embellishments of the Domaine de Valbonne in Provence

In the heart of the forest, Domaine de Valbonne is a wedding venue that captures the very essence of Provence. Like a small typical Provençal village, our enchanting estate is constantly improving.

During the winter, we have worked with passion to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of the site. We tackled the clearing of a small part of the 35 hectares of forest. Today, we are delighted to present the results of our winter embellishments, providing our bride and groom with an even more magical experience.

Despite the rigors of the season, the Domaine de Valbonne has managed to preserve all its Provençal splendour. Nestled in the heart of the Valbonne forest, our wedding venue retains its natural and authentic charm. The stone houses, its picturesque village square and the flower gardens are carefully maintained to offer the bride and groom a real immersion in the romantic atmosphere of Provence.

The preserved forest

What happiness, once the thousands of brambles and dead wood have been removed and some old waste evacuated, to see the rays of the sun pass through this canopy. As we sought to preserve and protect the forest from fires, we immediately projected ourselves into this new space sheltered from the sun.

We look forward to seeing a future secular ceremony take place in the shade of the great century-old oaks.

A wedding venue that is evolving to better accommodate you

Beyond preserving the natural beauty, we've also made improvements to provide an even more playful experience. Getting back into shape on the pétanque court with a magnificent clapper in the colors of Provence... "Do you shoot or do you point?" With a breathtaking view of the forest and the surrounding lavender, our goal is to create an idyllic setting where our newlyweds and their guests will be able to play and celebrate their love in a typical Provençal atmosphere.

When caterers are eager to come to Domaine de Valbonne

Faithful to our past experiences as entrepreneurs, we apply the same rules at Domaine de Valbonne.

“Plus les équipes sont heureuses, plus les clients sont heureux”. 

The clients here are your guests and you, the bride and groom. During the winter, we have fitted out new spaces in the professional kitchen to improve efficiency and comfort. What was our surprise to learn that several experienced caterers left less comfortable working conditions to young beginners like a barnum on a dirt road powered by a noisy generator and appropriated the comfort and luxury of the Domaine de Valbonne . Already equipped with a dedicated car park, a large cold room, a kitchen area of more than 100m2 with piano, minute dishwasher, ice maker, freezer, microwave... Because unlike a restaurant where the plates leave over water, during a wedding, everything leaves at the same time! Whether 50-100 or 200 plates, all guests want to eat hot and simultaneously. We had already built a shower and made a shortcut to save a few miles to the servers at the end of the day. However this winter, we have even better optimized the spaces and gained at the same time an additional toilet and beautiful doors like in westerns. “Hot ahead, hot”...


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Die Verzierungen der Domaine de Valbonne in der Provence

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