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History of the place

The Mas Canet (original name of the district) was built by the Carthusian monks of Valbonne between the 16th and 18th centuries as a breeding silkworm farm in the town of Saint-Paulet-de-Caisson. Their food was mulberry leaves, trees that you will find in large numbers on the Estate, including a magnificent century-old mulberry tree located in front of the wedding suite.

Canet" is therefore a former dependency of the Charterhouse of Valbonne whose monks began construction in 1203 with the spirit of a great builder.

The small hill that we can see from the Domaine culminates at 209 meters. The Canet stream has its source at an altitude of 240 meters, passes through the Domaine de Valbonne, crosses Saint Paulet de Caisson and flows into the Ardèche. It is mostly dry and fills up in a few hours when thunderstorms roar.

The vineyard was the main activity of the estate a few years ago.

Happy owners of the Domaine for 3 years, we have been keen to continue to bring life and embellish this authentic place where you will feel "at home" to receive your guests.

Totally renovated in 2021, we regularly carry out works and fittings in a chic country spirit. Different spaces have been designed to create multiple atmospheres that will allow you to imagine the event of your dreams and surprise your guests.

The Domaine de Valbonne is a unique and preserved place where you feel carried by a moment of grace... a place that will not leave you indifferent.

See you soon,Estelle & Julien



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