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Ziwa awards 2022

Domaine de Valbonne is elected for the third consecutive year by the essential @zankyou_mariages as the one of the best reception venues of the year for the Occitanie region. 🏆❤️

Superb places have opened again this year in the Provençal region and we are really delighted and happy to be one of the 7 winners!

Thank you to the professionals and our newlyweds for your votes and this incredible season spent together.

We had the chance this year to meet wonderful couples, service providers happy to return to work at the Domaine and made some great discoveries.

We look forward to writing a new page in the history of @domainedevalbonne in 2023 with weddings that promise to be even crazier! 💫

See you soon

Estelle & Julien


Histoire du lieu

Ziwa-Auszeichnungen 2022

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